Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Aldnoah.Zero Extra Episode 03

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Aldnoah.Zero Extra Episode 03 is a drama CD that came with volume 4 of the Aldnoah.Zero BDs. It's set in a school-life alternate universe, where the cast attends "Aldnoah Academy". 

Note that Extra Episode 02 is a series of short stories (that I may translate at some point), not a drama CD. I don't even know what Extra Episode 01 is, if it even exists.

BD volume 9 will come with another drama CD (Extra Episode 06), and the BD box set will include yet another drama CD titled "Hikari no Mahou Shoujo Seylum"; I may sub some, all, or none of them.

If the subs look like shit, sorry. Timing/typesetting/etc are not my favorite things to do. 

I would've put this on Youtube, but the audio-matcher gizmo matches the segment of "Bre@th//less" at the end and blocks the video (outside of Japan, anyway). 


  1. Hey nakulas, glad to see you still around. Hope life things are well. Will check out this Aldnoah Zero. It looks pretty sweet.

    1. I found a new chinese fantasy book,is nice,everybody take a look.

  2. Do you think you'll pick up the new strange fake serialization?

  3. Likewise, Nakulas, glad to see that you're still alive. As the Anon above me has pointed out, Fate Strange Fake has been serialized as a manga. I managed to get the raws, and am thinking of scanlating it.

    Since you have already translated the novel, and a quick skim through the manga shows that the wording inside are more or less the same as that of the novel, do you mind if I base the translations off your work? You will, of course, be credited, and I will post a link back to your blog.

    Hope to hear a reply from you soon~
    (But if you go missing for a year again, I release the chapters and still credit you anyway, but I would feel kinda guilty until I get your approval. OTL)

  4. Maybe it`s already late, but A/Z Extra Episode 01 - it`s manga oneshot about friendship of Slaine and Asseilym on Mars after dr. Troyard`s death. Translated -
    Extra Episode 07 is a manga about Inaho in hospital after injury between s1 and s2.
    And another Extra Episode (i forgot the number) is drama CD about Aldnoah Academy on the thermal springs.

  5. Too bad he died again. I was hoping for more strange fake.

  6. Heya nakulas, sorry to bother you. Just checking in with you and letting you know there's still interest here in your projects. Of course, hope things have been well for you and that you may return in time.