Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Aldnoah.Zero Extra Episode 03

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Aldnoah.Zero Extra Episode 03 is a drama CD that came with volume 4 of the Aldnoah.Zero BDs. It's set in a school-life alternate universe, where the cast attends "Aldnoah Academy". 

Note that Extra Episode 02 is a series of short stories (that I may translate at some point), not a drama CD. I don't even know what Extra Episode 01 is, if it even exists.

BD volume 9 will come with another drama CD (Extra Episode 06), and the BD box set will include yet another drama CD titled "Hikari no Mahou Shoujo Seylum"; I may sub some, all, or none of them.

If the subs look like shit, sorry. Timing/typesetting/etc are not my favorite things to do. 

I would've put this on Youtube, but the audio-matcher gizmo matches the segment of "Bre@th//less" at the end and blocks the video (outside of Japan, anyway).