Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica - Rebellion volume 1

Manga Raw: MEGA [externally-controlled link]
Scanlated Manga: mediafire [externally-controlled link] 

I have re-joined forces with our friendly /u/ typesetter to work on the Rebellion manga, by Hanokage and Magica Quartet. Here's volume 1. Volume 2 has been published, but we don't have any raws, so we're stuck until those show up.

P.S. Kyoukai no Kanata is not dropped, but it'll be a while longer before I get back to it. BRS The Game is not dropped, but it's stuck at typesetting (visit Lost n Found if you want to ask them about it). The Hyouka drama CDs (the Arienai Makuaigeki segments) will get done eventually. The Beatless LN is apparently being officially translated. It really sucks. You heard it here first. I'm thinking about doing some excerpts from the Monogatari series at some point. If there's anything else you want, drop me a line and if it's interesting, I'll consider it.


  1. First Fate/Strange Fake, now the Madoka movie manga. THANK YOOOOOOOOOOOU!

  2. Hi there. o/
    Thank you for translate Kyokai no Kanata. I was reading the LN and I really liked it.

    I want to let you know I took the project to translate into Spanish. We really apreciate your time translating this LN. Of course, we're gonna give you the credits for helping us.
    I will waiting for more of Kyoukai no Kanata! :)!

    This is our group:

    Thank you again. Hope you can find time to still with the project.

  3. It'be great to see some monogatari stuff translated by you, i'd suggest to start from the beginning, i know it's been partiall translated already, but it would be good to have a full version of bake, nise and maybe a revievew of kizu (chapter four is horrible on bakatsuki), i know i'm asking too much, but there are just suggestions!! Thanks a lot for the KnK Novel!! :)

  4. Will you continue translating the meduka muvi manga?

  5. tanks for the upload but, are you going to continue translating kyokai no kanata?, please say you are going to continue it xD

  6. So far, I have seen that Volume 2 has yet to be scanlated. Hope that it gets translated soon!

  7. I am quite concerned that Volume 2 of the Madoka Magica Rebellion manga has yet to be scanlated as of this month.

    Us readers are loathe to be kept waiting...