Monday, February 18, 2013

BRS Innocent Soul chapter 12 (END); BRS The Game chapter 1

BRS Innocent Soul chapter 12: at LnF
BRS The Game chapter 1: at LnF

The Black Rock Shooter - Innocent Soul manga had apparently been sitting at 11 out of 12 chapters scanlated for the longest time. The folks who typeset chapters 10-11 (they go by Lost and Found - visit them at their website) contacted me about translating the last chapter, and here you have it. Go to the Downloads tab on their blog to download this chapter. Universe-specific terminology is kind of inconsistent across all the scanlated chapters, so be wary of that.

We have also started working on Black Rock Shooter The Game, which had been stalled at the first chapter since forever. The script for volume 1 has been translated in its entirety. So far, chapter 1 (of 6) has been typeset; visit LnF's website to download it. They're working on the remaining chapters in the volume, and should have those out eventually.

We don't have raws for volume 2 of BRS The Game (pretty sure that nobody on the internet has actually scanned those), so we're going to be stalled at the end of volume 1 unless those raws turn up at some point. 

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